province Pirot

in province Pirot you can refuel in the following settlements:

Bela Palanka(1) Dimitrovgrad(3) Babusnica(1) Pirot(6)

Fuel/Price Unleaded 95 Diesel LPG Unleaded 98
average price for the country 150,44 RSD/l 161,95 RSD/l 75,29 RSD/l 148,35 RSD/l
Average for Pirot 150,18 RSD/l 161,34 RSD/l 76,11 RSD/l 148,35 RSD/l
NIS NIS Bela Palanka 18310 Bela Palanka Srpskih Vladara bb A95 DSL
Бензиностанция Evrogas Димитровград Old highway A95 DSL LPG
NIS NIS Dimitrovgrad Grad 18320 Dimitrovgrad Balkanska 101B A95 DSL
OMV OMV Dimitrovgrad Dimitrovgrad Granični prelaz Gradina bb A95 DSL DSL+
NIS NIS Babušnica 18330 Babušnica Selo Izvor A95 DSL
Бензиностанция MM Petrol Пирот Selo Poljska Ržana A95 DSL LPG
Lukoil Lukoil Pirot 3 Pirot Trg Republike bb A95 DSL
Lukoil Lukoil Pirot 1 Pirot Vojvode Momčila bb A95 DSL LPG A95+ DSL+
Eko Eko Pirot Пирот Nikole Pasica bb A95 DSL LPG DSL+
NIS NIS Pirot 2 Pirot Selo Poljska Ržana A95 DSL A98 DSL+
NIS NIS Pirot 3 18300 Pirot Nikole Pašića bb A95 DSL LPG A98 DSL+